Saturday, July 3, 2010


We spent the last few days in Duluth, Minnesota; enjoying Canal Park.  Lots of great sightseeing and way too much wonderful food.  Having enjoyed this area many times, we go back to a lot of old favorites year after year.
One new place we tried was HellBurgers .  We stopped in one evening for beers and happened to check out the menu.  Lots of great burgers, naturally, but I noticed the wings and fries.  I LOVE sweet potatoes fries.  I was introduced to them a few years ago at a now, very sadly, out-of-business restaurant.  The fries were outstanding and came with a dipping sauce that made them even more wonderful.  I noticed these fries at HellBurgers suggested Chipotle Mayo dipping sauce and I was hooked.  I also noticed Thai Peanut wings on the menu.  That sounded excellent and decided there and then we had to check this out the next day at lunch.

These pictures were taken rapidly with my cell phone camera and obviously, suck.

But you get the idea.  The wings were HUGE, loaded with sauce and really delicious.  The fries were great and the Chipotle Mayo was very close to the dipping sauce I remember.  I didn't come near to eating all of it.  Husband helped me eat a couple wings and I took some fries back to the hotel with me. Wonderful food and very reasonable.  We were very pleased.

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